The Pilgrim’s Progress

Guide: Dr. Andy Draycott

Further Resources

You can find more of Dr Andy Draycott’s work at his excellent website, Professor Pilgrim’s Progress:

A detailed lecture series on Pilgrim’s Progress by Derek Thomas, published by Ligonier Ministries:

A commentary on Pilgrim’s Progress by Charles Spurgeon:

An excellent BBC radio dramatisation of Pilgrim’s Progress can be found on YouTube:

Many people find maps useful in helping them to visualise Christian’s journey. Andy Draycott has written a blog post on maps, which features some examples:

Bunyan’s autobiography can be read online for free. It is available for free to audible members (as are many of Bunyan’s other works) in a version brilliantly narrated by Simon Vance. Alternatively, anyone can listen for free to a LibriVox recording (again, this is also the case for Bunyan’s other books):

A website devoted to all things Bunyan and Bedford:

A recording of The Pilgrim’s Progress opera by Ralph Vaughan Williams:

The Neal Morse Band, a progressive rock band, released have released two albums based on The Pilgrim’s Progress:

A clip of Liam Neeson in a 1978 film version of the story:

Enid Blyton’s reworking of Bunyan:

A Pilgrim’s Progress video game:

A graphic novel, beautifully drawn by S.G. Vossos:

Modern English versions by Cheryl Ford and Edward Hazelbaker, the two modern retelling Andy recommended on the podcast:

He also suggested that those who have enjoyed Pilgrim’s Progress and are looking for more Bunyan of a similar vein should take a look at The Life and Death of Mr Badman and The Holy City. Both are freely available online:

For those who want to read more about Bunyan’s life and work, the essays in The Cambridge Companion to Bunyan are a great place to start:

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