The Consolation of Philosophy

Guide: Louis Markos

Further Resources

For more of Louis Markos on Boethius, follow the links below to articles on allegory and Fortune’s wheel, as well as a longer essay on Boethius, Beowulf, Tolkien, Lewis and writing in a pre-Christian mode.

For those who want a more detailed look at Boethius’ life and thought and influence, John Marenbon’s Boethius is a useful and accessible introduction.

Translations of the text into English have been attributed King Alfred the Great, Chaucer and Elizabeth I. Links to those below:

The poems of Boethius were set to music, and songs from manuscripts between the 9th and 11th century are being reconstructed at Cambridge university. For more on the project:

C.S. Lewis’s introduction to medieval literature, The Discarded Image, describes the medieval picture of the world and its influences. Boethius features prominently:

Lewis sometimes thought of himself as a British Boethius’ according to Jason Baxter in his book The Medieval Mind of C.S. Lewis. Below are links to an article by Baxter and to the book:

A list of all the books mentioned by Lou during the episode:

Canterbury Tales – Chaucer

Lord of the Rings – Tolkien

Till We Have Faces – Lewis

Metamorphoses – Ovid

Aeneid – Virgil

The Dream of Scipio – Cicero

The Divine Comedy – Dante

King Lear – Shakespeare

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